Jealous? You should be. Yesterday, the MacArthur Fellowships were announced and out of 25 lucky recipients, sound artist Walter Kitundu was the only person in Northern California to win a Genius Award. Kitundu, we're told, "learned in a single phone call that he will receive $500,000 in no-strings attached support over the next five years." (That is to say, if he chooses, he can stay at home for the next five years watching reruns of Intervention and Maury. Lucky bastard.)

Kitundu, by the way, is "a composer and inventor of original musical instruments, he is inspired by experimental and traditional musical forms to produce electro-acoustic works that blur the boundary between live and recorded performance." Read more about this wealthy bamboo flute player here.

Congratulations, Walt! Don't vacuum it all up your nose. And for those of you who lost out on this year's cash prize? Better luck next time.

Also, if you recall, Kitundu, who captures remarkable photos of birds around the city, had the cops called on him by local, racist do-gooders. So much so, in fact, he had to create this awesome poster warning SF residents that he was not going to rape them. (Pssst, Kitundu is black.) Read more about it here.