It's back. At this time every year, thee Moscone Center and St. Regis area gets stained with the Oracle OpenWorld conference. Last year we tried getting in, but were met with unhappy PR reps who ripped away our chances of getting into any open-bar parties, catered affairs, and a show featuring the bewitching Stevie Nicks by simply hanging up on our asses. This year, since our ego is fragile as century-old bone china, we didn't even try.

But if any of you, dear readers, get the opportunity to enter the hallowed halls of Howard Street, which is closed off to you plebeians, take a few photos and send them our way, won't you? We're dying to know what goes on inside that big tent. We hear that Gavin Newsom -- grateful that the annual conference "helping enterprises understand and harness the power of information and use Oracle software to achieve better business results" is back again, dumping cash into the city -- personally performs fellatio on each and every conventioneer. Please advise. (CBS 5)

Oh, and the traffic scene downtown is going to be a mess. After the jump, check out exactly how.