Today the "powerful and well-heeled" correctional officers' union today set their lasers on Schwarzenegger for a recall. Lance Corcoran, spokespeson of the California Correctional Peace Officers Association, says the reason for the recall is, ahem, "In the history of bad governors, this is the worst governor we've ever had." He went on to say "This is a man who is a poser. That's what he did, that's how he made his living, posing." Wow. God help the next person who pisses off Corcoran. Because: Ouch.

Arnold, however, says that the CCPOA's is intimidating him into a contract deal. CCPOA union members, it seems, have been working without a long-term contract since 2006, hence their crankiness.

The union, according to the Sacto Bee, needs over $1 million to cull the 1,041,530 signatures to qualify a recall for the ballot. This comes one the 70th day of the 2008-09 fiscal year that California has been without a budget, the longest standoff in California history. If you recall, CA voters "recalled ex-Gov. Gray Davis one year after the second-longest budget impasse, the 2002 budget."

One good turn deserves another.