According to local (LiveJournal) blogger Shatter707, he and his dog were attacked this weekend on Treasure Island. Check it:

Saturday night around 8pm, my dog was attacked by a Pitbull in front of my house. The pit was VERY aggressive.

My dog survived, due to my shoving my hands into the mouth of the pit and fight his bit to get her out. When she got out of teh mouth the pit started attacking me. I used my legs to form a strangle hold on teh dogs throat and it let go. At that point the owner ran away with the dog while I was still laying in the street.

My hands are very fucked up right now.

Mishka is in ICU with a tube in her throat. She has a punctured trachea. I'm taking her toa specialist tomorrow to decide if she needs surgery or if it will heal on its own.

First, not all, or even most, pitbulls are aggressive or dangerous. Much like horrid teenagers, their disposition, by and large, depends on the people who raise them. OK? OK.

Second, Shatter707 goes on to allege, "[T]his guy, his dog, as it's part of the attack dog training for the underground dog fighting that is happening now on Treasure Island." Oh my.

More to come as this story unfolds.

Update: Cops called, screaming woman, 911 operator, and the Endup. Find out more here!