A description of the crime was posted on the Glen Park Bulletin Board written by Elizabeth Weise of Glen Park News.

Robbers stabbed Paul Park, the owner of Buddy's Market at about 11 p.m. last night, leaving him for dead. They also kidnapped one of his employees. Park, who had been tied up, managed to get out of his bonds and stagger across the street to Le P'tit Laurent, where owner Laurent Legendre called the police. According to Capt. Denis O'Leary of Ingleside Station, three to four black males, all wearing dark clothing, broke into the Market through the rear door. The men beat and stabbed Park, robbed the store of cash and kidnapped an employee. They escaped by stealing the store's van. The employee was released in Daly City. Many businesses on Chenery and Diamond were open and had customers at the time, and there were numerous people on the street. Park and the employee were taken separately to San Francisco General Hospital for treatment. Park, who almost bled to death, was treated for multiple stab wounds in the hospital's intensive care unit, where his son Jonathan and wife Vivian are at his side. He was in serious condition but is expected to recover. Information on his employee was not immediately available. The van is still missing. It is a tan 2002 Toyota Sienna, California, license number: 4VHN307.

We hate to get all Kanye on Fong, but seriously, it seems that the overburdened Ingleside Station needs more resources.