Bike races are typically held in faraway places like Brisbane or France, but this is a race right here in the city. Also not to miss: the Twilight Criterium on September 13, likely to feature big pro teams as well as amateurs.

Unlike this evening's Critical Mass and SundayStreets, racers in the Giro will move very fast and all in the same direction.

Of special interest at the Giro is the Elite Women 1-3 race at 1:10 p.m. (full schedule here). Metromint Cycling's own Amanda Eaken was last year's Northern California/Nevada District Road Race champion, and has racked up a few great wins in 2008. Will she win the Giro for the home team?

We hear there will be valet bike parking provided by the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition.

Photo by Molly Van Houweling: Amanda Eaken after winning the Albany Criterium on July 22, 2008.