Our esteemed colleagues at LAist have alerted us to the "some folks just don't get it," dykes on bikes reminiscent tale of a woman bounced from a Van Nuys federal building for wearing a lesbian.com t-shirt. While in our fair city, you might get asked to leave, say, 111 Minna for wearing a shirt that touts a site as janky-looking as that one, (NSFW, we really mean it!) the plural possibility is far less appealing.

Checking out this story on the Co-Co Times, it sounds less like Federally-mandated oppression and more like a (brace yourself) power-drunk rent-a-cop:

...the guard, who works for a private company hired by the Department of Homeland Security, demanded that she leave the building or face arrest... the guard's "loud, unreasonable, aggressive and angry approach to the situation almost caused chaos."

Exciting stuff. But, never fear, the t-shirted woman in question eventually completed her Social Security business, and is now planning a suit against the security company. This time next year, we will still be staring at the screen we're looking at right now, while she sips an umbrella drink. And while we can't help but be supportive of her for the principle of the thing, we can't help but hope our Murderer t gets us tossed out of somewhere with deep pockets really, really soon.