(By DCist's Sommer Mathis, one of the few official bloggers who is attending the DNC as official member of the state blogger corps.)

DCist is participating in a first of its kind credential program at this year's Democratic National Convention. We're serving as the selected blogger representing the District of Columbia in the DNC State Blogger Corps. Here's how The New York Times described the desirability of our credential:

For bloggers attending the Democratic convention at the Pepsi Center in Denver, two types of credentials are offered. The first is a national credential, which offers the same access granted to members of traditional news media organizations.

The second, more coveted credential is the state blogger credential. It allows one blogger per state to cover the convention alongside its state delegation, with unlimited floor access. Inspired by the strategy of Howard Dean, the D.N.C. chairman, to organize in all 50 states, the state-blogging credential was highly sought after, with as many as 14 blogs vying to represent a single state.

So, what does this "coveted" credential actually get you? To start with, a daily floor pass, with unlimited access to wander around the convention floor, take photos, and talk with anyone we please. We also have one seat within the allocated section reserved for the D.C. delegation, and a hard-wired internet hookup right at that seat. I'm typing this from the convention floor as we speak.