Oh man. This is sad. Yesterday someone from something called the Experience Project (i.e., "millions of life experiences shared anonymously through first person stories") posted on something rather bizarre:

So, I'm walking back to work from lunch, and on the sidewalk of a very busy street in San Francisco (right at 4th and Market in the South of Market district) I see a huge Manta Ray on the sidewalk!

I was one of the first people at the site and a few police officers had just arrived on the scene. Everyone was just staring at the giant Manta Ray wondering how it ever got there.

The guy who called the police said that it actually flapped its way over to that part of the sidewalk from about 20 feet away, so it must have been alive when it was dropped there!

Anyone else see what happened? How did it get there? Hurry, we need someone to blame! Anyway, you can read more here. (Thanks Janine Kahn for sending this our way.)