Yeah, yeah. We stuck this in Day Around the Bay, but we feel it merits its own post. (Besides, we'd hate for some local bloggers to go one day without bashing us in private for being "too gay now." We digress.)

While filming Gus Van Sant's Milk in San Francisco last year, Sean Penn was overcome with joy shocked at the size of co-star James Franco's reproductive organ during the filming of nude scenes. Finally, Franco revealed to a curious Penn that his man meat was, in fact, a prosthetic. " A couple of weeks later we did this scene," Franco says, "where we're both dancing and we're naked, and we both have prosthetic penises" which is when he broke the news to a (presumably) deflated Penn.

Still, we didn't know Van Sant's ode to former City Supervisor Harvey Milk involved so much (and such massive) full-frontal. We're buying tickets today. (Pink News)