Hey, remember way last week when we told you that air guitar royalty were on the streets of SF? The final round of 2008 Cuervo Black Air Guitar National Finals consisted of the top 6 air-guitarists, some new-comers to the usag circuit, some seasoned veterans, but the home-town hero, Hot Lixx Hulahan, had SFist at hello. Performing injured, he strung up his air-axe and aired out a Crazy Train that even Ozzy could get behind. The highlight of his winning performance was a full front-flip, twisting into a perfect stage-dive. His command of the crowd was so great that they spewed him back onto the stage just in time to perform the most anatomically correct, gut-busting solo of the night. Hot Lixx, we salute you, and may you bring Finland the nation's best!

Kai Carter, contributing