Mr. Nevius is steaming mad at SFist's number-one fan, Chris Daly. Why? Well, it seems that the altruistic SF Supervisor - kissed by the lips of God himself! - made a civic-minded teen cry. C.W. reports that during last week's Board of Supes meeting, "Amanda Wong, a junior at Lowell High, waited two hours for her chance at the podium during the public comment period, but was so frustrated when Daly first cut her time to one minute, then got up and left when she started to speak, that she burst into tears." Aw. Wong explained her emotional outburst, saying she "didn't mean to cry...I just kind of lost it. I thought they were supposed to listen to us." (Isn't that adorable?) Later on in the meeting, Bevan Dufty made some sort of dramatic exit, storming out of the room in a fit. Fierce. Update: Nevius is wrong? Fibber! Daly responds with what really went down.