Of course you didn't. You couldn't see a thing in the sky last night except plump summer clouds. But we promise you the meteor shower was most spectacular. And it's happening again tonight. According to The Biggest Room (which bills itself as "outdoor news for indoor enthusiasts"):

Tonight [is] going to be tops for meteor showers. Here on the west coast of the USA, the showers should be best just before sunrise tomorrow. Have a look in the eastern sky after the moon sets (around 2am) and you'll be in for a treat. Nasa says this will be a good shower, one or two every minute. For a chance to see a rare earthgrazer, a long slow colorful meteor, start looking around 9pm even while the moon is up. These ones are very bright, even visible in city light.

Sadly, SF probably won't get to see tonight's show as well. Pft. It actually happened at dawn this morning. So much for our reading comprehension skills. Heh. Yeah. Oy.