Well, the 49ers signed free agent LB Takeo Spikes over the weekend.

That's good.

A former first-round pick for Cincinnati, Takeo's tale has become one of derailed potential. He was once well-within the conversation of the NFL's finest young linebackers. He roamed behind the defensive line with power and ferocity. Made a few Pro Bowls. Discontented himself out of Cincy. Got traded around a bit. Had a few season-ending injuries. Unwilling to pour some concrete, buy a sofa, and lay his body down into retirement at age 31, now he's with SF competin' for the "ted" ILB linebacker position.

If he can recapture a measure of his pre-injury ability, then TKO will be a mighty fine addition to the Niner linebacker corps.

Photo via SF49ers.com