According to Flickr user Exxonvaldez, the film crew for the shoot above demanded all passersby not to snap any images of the filming procress. Of course, we then had to post the above. Exxonvaldez says:

So they're filming something, ostensibly a Bollywood film whose title they will not disclose, in plain sight off the Embarcadero on Battery, in front of Fog City Diner. The people working near the perimeter will say "no pictures" to anybody with a camera standing on a public sidewalk. They had inconsistent and unconvincing reasons for not wanting pictures taken, but no legal authority to prevent photography. An interesting collision between film making and street photography.

We remember the same requests from crew members of Milk and that God-awful musical Rent, both of filmed in SF.

Anyone else run into the film crew? Anyone know what movie is being shot? It looks like it involves extremely white teeth.