Or you could just jump over to our Flickr stream; we downloaded all 82 of them for you, un-rotated the sideways ones, converted them to JPEGs, and put them into a nice little slideshow. Now you can easily see, for example, how they're going to change the F or the N or the 16 or the 33. (A couple routes are missing because we hit our monthly storage quota.)

You're welcome.

So why did Muni make the maps impossibly un-browseable? Why did they hide everything in eighty-two randomly-rotated PDFs? Our best guess is that it's a reflection of the agency's total lack of concern for giving their customers -- us -- what we need. They just don't care about serving you. Okay, that's not fair; we know a couple of Muni people who, bless their hearts, somehow summon the strength to try to raise Muni's standards. But we can count those people on one hand.

Sadly, this customer-service lapse is probably the clearest indication we're ever going to get from the TEP about where Muni's greatest point of failure lies. And we bet you a billion dollars that they're just going to ignore it.