WHAT?: We have no idea what this is, but it sounds enthralling. We'll let the press release, pulled from Laughing Squid, speak for itself. Ahem:

Anal Foreclosure
is part demolition part exorcism. From below ground up we've built a space through which the audience will tour, much like a model home. After excavating the multitudes of sentiment surrounding legalized gay marriage in California, we have found the following: foreclosure party games, sequenced anal ghosts, the master's bedroom, bathroom dances and anal divinations. We speak through games; committing our selves to win, fail or simply walk away. Through this we've found new possibilities for addressing the mundane failures of everyday relationships as well as the not-yet languaged. Anal Foreclosure utilizes counter-ergonomics such as piles, messes and aggregation to flesh out our relationship to space and to re-imagine the family house for those families not-yet but soon imagined.

Yeah, we have no idea either. But we fear there might be actual poop involved. You've been warned. (Runs until August 9.)

8 p.m. // Mama Calizo Voice Factory (1519 Mission) // $10-20