We heard KRON 4's divine and wildly chipper Darya Folsom talking about it this morning, but our Diet Coke hadn't kicked in yet so we didn't fully understand one of our favorite on-air personalities blathering on and on. (This happens a lot on KRON 4's morning show, though we strongly suggest watching it. It's TV that is, in a word, phenomenal.) What are we talking about? This: The Golden Gate Minute.en are protesting at City Hall today. A tipster tells us:

Noisy protest, counter-protest over at City Hall right now. The Golden Gate Minute Men (who knew!!) vs. various immigrant/human/whatever rights groups. Pasty-faced, grumpy overweight middle America types vs. young, shrill, incoherent protest-flavor of the month types

It turns out they're upset over San Francisco's policy shield of illegal aliens as human being, or for not deporting them back to Russia, or whatever, tipping their hats to the recent murder to Tony Bologna and his sons by El Salvadorian/MS-13 gang nerd Edwin Ramos. Exciting stuff. Pics to come. Hopefully.