Since the Bay Area is ahead of the rest of the U.S., yet (arguably) so behind the rest of the world when it comes to style, fashions, hoop skirts, belts, buckles, shoes, panties, whale bones, and slippers, SFBG has a surprising sharp look at the keffiyeh scarf (i.e., the terrorist-sympathizer accessory) trend that took over spinster-saturated 7x7 parties, Valencia Street, and Rachel Ray's plump neck over the last year. While the scarf originated in some sort of mysterious and fabled foreign country, Marianne Moore (correctly) tells us not to"don’t come down too hard on the hipsters, celebrities, hangers-on, and neo-con copycats who’ve turned the Keffiyeh into just another scarf. After all, the political connotations of the Kef may be just as fleeting and arbitrary as its fashionable-ness." Word. (SFBG)