No more will folks try to order organic vegan sausage at Underdogs Bar and Grill (1824 Irving), nor will Underdog (1634 Irving) have to endure patrons stomping in and yelling "We're here to watch the game, BRO! WOOOOO!"

That's right, in what must have been a furious game of nomenclature chicken, Underdogs Bar and Grill blinked. SF Weekly is reporting what sounds like a fairly, hmm, laid back (?) rebranding strategy, as the owner is "offering a $500 for the best new name/concept. Just show up tonight between 8:00 p.m. and midnight (and) make your best pitch."

That's not much time to come up with a 500-buck winning name, but we're sure SFist readers are up for it. Any of you been there (or to its predecessor, the truly awful Peko Sushi) and are inspired to propose a new name? (Not that wed disdain proposals from those of you who've never been there, of course.) Face it, this is as close to Restaurant Wars as most of you will get, so hit us with your name ideas in the comments.