Revealed by its competitor Live105 this morning, word is that Alice 97.3's Morning Radio Show just pruned part of its morning team, on-air personality No Name (AKA Mike Nelson). Alas. Together for six years on the radio, and a few weeks on television with an ill-advised spin-off of the show, Sarah and No Name have entertained the Bay Area masses every morning with, ahem, shocking banter and bon mots. (Or so we assume. We haven't listened to the radio since the advent of the talking picture box. But we have seen their mugs grace the sides of Muni buses now and then.)

Although we received two anonymous emails telling us that No Name was fired by Sarah, that doesn't seem to be the case. We spoke to the show's delightful executive producer, Jan Landis, who told us the idea to get rid of No Name was "management's decision," and that they're currently searching for a new sidekick to go along with "a new version of the show." She also pointed out that "fired is too strong a word" for the now job-free No Name. Deja vu, right? A few years ago, if you recall Sarah's former on-air partner, Vinnie, was (allegedly) booted for hitting the crystal pipe too hard.

Oh, and if you listen to this program on a regular basis, spill it. Were they right to get rid of this No Name? Should they have done something else? Are you excited about the show's up-and-coming different direction? And why on earth are you still listening to the radio?