Favorite Bay Area Venue
My favorite would be Bottom of the Hill. It was one of the first places we played there so it has that nostalgia. Also the people that work there have always been really nice to us. We’ve always had a good time when we’ve played there. We’ve probably played there 5 or 6 times.

Best concert you can remember playing here
I don’t know, hard to define just one concert, they are all really memorable in different ways. When we played with Green Day in Oakland at the Coleseum really cool because it was their home turf. We played another time with them at the baseball stadium—the Giants. That was crazy, to see that place packed with people just going nuts. And just the setting it’s at, with the bay view, it’s awesome.

Bay Area restaurants you like
Ice cream- Maggie’s Moo’s. I get taken there by friends they have a bunch of vegan ice creams. It’s dangerous the size of the servings you get.

Bay Area Connections
I’ve never lived there, always wanted to live there though. I have friends there, I always have a good time when I‘m there, it’s such a great city. The entire Bay Area—Oakland, Berkeley, San Francisco. It’s all very nice, especially coming from Phoenix, it’s such the exact opposite of where I’m living now. It’s always refreshing.

See Jimmy Eat World with Dear in the Headlights. 7/18/08. The Fillmore