This item (and its somewhat creepy, algorithm-based, heat sensor-looking map) has made the rounds in almost every media outlet over the last couple of days. It seems that the jewel by the Bay has been ranked the most strutable city in the universe. Ever. Which? Is why many people move/stay in San Francisco: to live a car-fee lifestyle. The score was tallied by, some sort of service to "help those seeking a less automobile-dependent life." Anyway, the top five nabes in SF are as follows. Ahem:

1. Chinatown
2. Financial District
3. Downtown
4. North Beach
5. Mission

Wait, Chinatown scored the top spot? Goodness. More often that not, we'd rather chew our thumbs off than walk through the chaotic Chinatown, but go figure. Oh, and the least walkable neighborhood in SF went to Lakeshore. Find out where your hood ranked here.