Of course the real question is: how can you, the average Joe, meddle and interfere with this process? Well, you can't. Not much. The MTA is soliciting applications for the "Taxi Advisory Group," which will "provide input to the SFMTA" (translation: "be ignored"), but not just ANYBODY can join. You'd better work for a taxi company, hotel, or convention center; or be on the Paratransit Council (who knew we even had such a thing). Or you could take a shot at one of the three spots reserved for the "General Public." But one of those spots has to go to the Chairman of some other foofy Council; and the other two "shall be representatives of community-based organizations working to enhance the quality of life in San Francisco."

Oh for the love of. You know, we got a lot of great comments on our last taxi-related post. Kvetching about taxis is easy. But good luck with your labyrinthine councils and agencies and groups, City of San Francisco; if you'll excuse us, we're off to the bike shop.