THEATER: All she ever needed was the music and the mirror, and a chance to dance.... for you. Check out the Pulitzer Prize-winning musical you may have heard of, A Chorus Line, playing through July 27.

8 p.m. // Curran Theater (445 Geary) // $25-$99

BENEFIT: Something or other is happening at Foreign Cinema about ranked choice voting/instant runoff voting," which will be on the ballot in Memphis, TN, Glendale, AZ and St. Paul, MN. Some sort of reform-effort fundraiser, we think? Anway, that's not the interesting part. The interesting part is that Nirvana Bassist Krist Novoselic hosts tonight's money grab. Remember him? Not the one who put a hole in his head, but the one who hit his head with his own bass at the VMA awards way back when. That one. Anyway, it should be a night brimming with GenX frivolity. Join them, won't you?

7:30 pm to 9 pm // Foreign Cinema (2534 Mission) // donation

MUSIC: Don't forget to puncture a safety pin through your ear before heading out to hear 45 Grave, an LA-based outfit highlighting a night of (aging) punk rock over in SOMA. (FYI, their song "Partytime" was on the Return of the Living Dead soundtrack, and seemedin rotation on MTV in 1984 forever. Also, we're old.) New Thrill Parade, Vinsantos, and Nezzy Idy perform as well.

9 p.m. // DNA Lounge (375 Eleventh Street) // $13