As you may know, there's big plans underway for that part of the Presidio (you know, the part the nobody ever goes to). It's not just a proposed museum: they're excavating some old buildings, renovating others, and trying to extend the park all the way down to the bay, over what's currently a highway. They're also stepping up PresidiGo service, because, according to Presidio officials, they "can't rely on Muni." Which is basically SFist's motto.Take the tour to learn more.

Gavin's people are totally gung-ho for CAMP -- they sent out an email today that plugs the project. We're still sort of about it, reserving our excitement for some of the other proposed projects in the area (like razing that hideous YMCA). Go take the tour, and then if you find yourself siding with CAMP, Gavin wants you to do the following:

1. On July 14 at 6:30 p.m. join us at the Presidio Officers Club to show your support for CAMP (Located at 50 Moraga Avenue, San Francisco). 2. Write a letter of support for CAMP and send someone to the meeting on July 14 to read the letter on your behalf. 3. Visit and send an online letter to the Presidio Trust expressing your support for CAMP.

Whew! So, get to work, everybody.