If you're anything like us, you decide who you want running your country, state, and/or city based off of their spouse. And if you're even more like us, you love pitting women against each other in order to keep the patriarchal system running smoothly. That said, who do you prefer as your First Lady of California, the possible one, Jennifer Siebel, or the current one, Maria Shriver?

We can't decide. Maria Shriver was on NBC (bonus points for being on-air talent), is pals with Oprah, supports Obama, seems highly intelligent, has Kennedy blood running through her veins (which is awesome), and is a Scorpio. But? She also scares us with her -- how can we say this delicately? -- extremely angular visage. And Jennifer Siebel is.... Jennifer Siebel. On the plus side, she is a Gemini, which weighs heavily in her favor. (Air signs tend to be the superior signs of them all.)

But what do you think? Which lady do you like seeing standing next to podiums and at posh charity events?