We're not sure if you've noticed, but as of yesterday, the new cell phone law has gone into effect. That's right: no more talky while driving, unless you've got a hands-free device for your phone. Yesterday, while we were out, law breakers were being pulled over left and right. It's a great way for the CHP to fill up those ticket quotas.

Sure, the law makes car driving "safer" but, really? Driving's boring now. No more overexaggerated swerving to avoid bicyclists, or self-righteous cell phone users thinking it's everyone else that's driving incorrectly. Now we're ushering in a new era of bluetooth sets as decorative ear pieces, worn in the car, at dinner, and in meetings. Fun. (Or maybe we're already there? That pic's awesome, btw.)

As for us, our cell phone's so old, it's giving Zack Morris' cell phone a run for its money. We're not buying a hands-free device for this thing; we'll call you when we're done driving.

Pic by Flickr/Cheesebikini.