MUSIC: If you dig jazz, hear why guitarist Terrence Brewer nabbed the 2007 SF Weekly Music Award for best jazz/blues artist. He throws down his groovy, guitar-y beats over in the Mission.

8 p.m. // Intersection for the Arts (446 Valencia Street) // $10 - $25

FILM: Another film festival? You betcha. And this one's a biggie. The 70MM Film Festival opens with a screening of the best helicopter movie ever made, Blue Thunder. Starring Roy Scheider, Malcolm McDowell, and Candy Clark. Scheider plays "a former Vietnam pilot selected to fly a new fangled anti- terrorist chopper created by the military" who (SPOILER ALERT) blows up stuff at the end.

7 p.m., 9:05 p.m. // Castro Theatre (Castro & Market) // $9.50

CLUB: Allegedly dance-worthy '80s and '90s hip hop, electro new jack swing, R&B, and dancehall DJ beats can be found over in the 'loin at "Trippin' Off Daisies." Resident DJs White Girl Lust and Phillie Ocean welcome guest DJ Satva Leung into the mix, too.

9 p.m. // The Ambassador (673 Geary) // free