(By Babe Scanlon)

Holy crud! Yvesdroppings, they're back! Yay!

As always, aubmissions go to editor - at - gmail - dot - com (put "Yvesdroppings" in the subject line!) Don't forget to keep your ears to the ground at summer BBQs and Pride parties; they're fertile ground for this stuff. (Bonus point for any and all crystal-infused bon mots.)

"I like him. I just don't want him farting on my stuff anymore!"
- On Muni, one guy said to his friend

"I'm having a great time in rehab."
- At the Big 4 bar, from one lawyer type to another

"Phenomena is not real. For instance, the werewolf does not actually exist."
- On Haight St. from one hobo to an audience of hobos