We've received a few curt emails this afternoon, upset over our use of the image in "Strip Club Etiquette: De-tipping?" Sexy, no? But It seems if we post a female form that's neither a tweaked out, Nair-estranged Burning Man girl, nor a zaftig, of-a-certain age Codepink protester, many of you dear readers get all aflutter. (PS, though, we thank you for sending us personal email on off-topic discussions such as this.)

That said, it's quiz time. What's too risque for SFist? We'd hate to get you fired from your lousy job, or get have you sported wood at inappropriate places, so what's your nudity (female nudity, that is, because full-male nudity is, of course, more than acceptable) threshold:

(a) side boob
(b) side butt
(c) anything but pubes and I'm fine
(d) full spread labia majora