What with Halloween colliding on a Friday this year -- -- the city of San Francisco has wasted no time, so to speak, in attempting to look like it's trying to make the holiday a spooktacular event again. Laura Fraenza, 45, New Jersey native and ballet enthusiast who has worked with Bill Graham Presents and Cirque Du Soleil, was just hired as SF's new Events Coordinator. But that title is a bit broad; she's here to (hopefully) make Halloween in the Castro the sublime and safe event that it once was. God bless her. BAR reports:

She joins the staff of the city's Entertainment Commission and her main duty is to coordinate the numerous events expected to take place throughout the city on Halloween night.

What's more, Fraenza "has not attended Halloween in the Castro for the past four years, due to traveling outside the city for work." (Laura, you can check out last year's violently sober and police state-ish All Hallow's Eve in the Castro here!) Oh, and she's set to earn a whopping $94,000 a year for the gig. OMG!, sure; but with the chaos and hysteria she's taking on, we think that sounds about right. After all, city officials have "pledged they will not close down the Castro as they did last year." Oy.