MISSION, SATURDAY: While driving along the Highway 101 exit at Mission and Duboce, with her twin toddlers in tow, 31-year-old Milika Fields was shot and killed this past Saturday night. At around 7:15 p.m., the fuzz found "a silver Mazda MPV minivan riddled with bullet holes and three victims with gunshot wounds," according to SFPD Sargent Neville Gittens. (Her 12-year-old son and brother were also hit, expected to live.) The incident is believed to have been sparked by road rage.

No arrests have been as of now. But! San Francisco cops are looking for a white Toyota or Honda car, which was allegedly occupied by two black men and two black ladies during the killing.

MARIN, SATURDAY: Two people were arrested in connection with the shooting death of a Hells Angels' associate last week. 20-year-old Jessica Andrea Gordon and nineteen-year-old Joseph Farnsworth were pinched for allegedly killing William Crompton Maclean on Highway 101 in Marin in yet anothre fit of road rage.

OAKLAND, SUNDAY: Mayor Ron Dellums was dealt another blow. This time care of the resignation of his top "anti-violence aide." Lenore Anderson, Dellums' now former Public Safety Director, resigned after only six months on the job. Why? Who knows. After being asked to comment on her resignation, it seems, Lenore Anderson "ducked out" of the Q&A.