Let's start with a little bit of "Top Chef" coverage. Lisa was in the bottom two again last week. AND SHE WASN'T ELIMINATED. AGAIN. Which means she's made it to the final four. It also means someone on the "Top Chef" staff has a bitch face fetish.

In actual locals news, Robert Fair, the local chef vying for the affections of "The Bachelorette" went on a group date that brought seven men to Dodgers stadium where they were required to humiliate themselves in front of DeAnna and Tommy Lasorda by singing the national anthem and then attempting to hit some home runs. Robert hit zero and confessed he wasn't in his "element" on the ballfield. Apparently he's more comfortable in the kitchen, on the dance floor, or in the bedroom. Ummm...Robert's kind of an ass.

No matter, though, because DeAnna liked his assiness enough to give him a rose boutonniere and keep him around for another week. Oh. Joy.