Dublin general practitioner Dr. Tony Shiu -- who was accused of photographing and molesting his patients while they were under anesthesia -- was arrested yesterday. Shiu had been living in Taiwan ever since he hightailed it out of the state after two male patients came forward saying that he raped them while they were konked out. SJ Merc reports:

The investigation into Shiu began in August 2006 after two male friends of Shiu, including one who was also his patient reported they couldn't remember the events of an evening they had spent with Shiu. The men later discovered they had been drugged and one of them had been sexually assaulted. Walters said the victims were ecstatic to learn Shiu is in custody.

In 2006, police searched Shiu's home where they found hundreds of digital pics of totally NSFW images, including shots of men passed out and hooked up to IVs. Yikes. And ew.

Alarmist crime-fighting show AMW last aired the Tony Shiu episode on 5/26, which then led to his capture in Taiwan and deportation to the States. Shiu is now being held at the Santa Rita Jail.