Okay, okay, we always start our posts about Another Hole In The Head (the IndieFest horror, sci-fi, and fantasy film fest) like this, but the fact still remains -- the aliens are coming! Revenge killings abound! The zombies are hungry! So snap up your tickets for your favorite scary movies for the next two weeks (June 5-22), because the lines at the Roxie will be..... killer. (Ha!)

It looks like it's going to be a pretty funny HorrorFest this time around: just the title Date of the Dead should give it away, right? A movie about the zombies that run the SF DPT? Landlord-tenant woes? And a midnight screening of Barbarella? Plenty of good movies, if you love being scared.

SFist will, of course, be on the scene -- feel free to tap us on the shoulder and tell us to stop screaming so loud in the theater!