Frank Chu, 48, the Bay Ara;s favoritest pathological resident, has a Wikipedia page, naturally. It goes into much detail about his media whoring, numerous protest signs, and "performance art." It also mentions the following (and, of course, alleged) Chu-helmed hostage crisis:

In early 1985, Chu, then 24 years old, took 11 members of his family hostage in his home in Oakland and was reported to have been beating some with his fists. Chu fired a .38 pistol at one police officer who came to investigate, but missed. Police cordoned off a ten-block area for three hours. Chu eventually released his hostages and surrendered to the police.

Whoa. Very exciting.

Also, Chu's going rate (as of May 2005) for sign space was $100 per week. Barbary Coast Consulting, Adidas, Learn iT!, Quiznos Sub, Rasputin Music, Chris Daly's 2006 San Francisco Supervisor campaign, and Phil Angelides's 2006 California gubernatorial campaign have all used Chu's for advertising purposes.

Image: Wikicommons; thanks, Suckafree, for bringing this to our attention.