By Eyleen Tavy

It's not like we're short (ha! You'll see why that's funny in a minute) on Bay to Breakers coverage -- in fact, we've spent most of the last few days hunched over our laptops comparing various runners' physiques to our own. Shut up. it is SO a competition. Anyway, as we were looking over one of our favorite photosets at SF Mike's, it struck us: where are all the uncut guys?

Come on, this is the Bay Area, where a fairly light-hearted sex column on SFGate ends up with almost 500 comments debating the merits of a little off the sides, nothing off the top.

So you tell us, dear readers, did you see any runners sporting turtlenecks of the fleshy kind? Comments appreciated, links to pictures and we'll bake you a cake.

And before you start getting all "SFist, why must you be SO GAY" take a look at the byline -- this SFist is a red blooded, heterosexual, American female. You know what? We like cocks, too!

Altered image credit: the mess/Flickr