RENT CONTROL: Save Rent Control! Please! Proposition 98 looms overhead and threatens all of us renters with possible Bakersfield relocations, and no one wants that. Anyway, la Swanhuyser has more in-depth on the prop here, but tonight you can help fight the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association with tonight's literary and musical festival in Bernal Heights--"Take the Initiative to Save Rent Control"--featuring Andrew Foster Altschul, Stephen Elliott, Alvin Orloff, Richard Loranger, Jonathan Segel, and Victor Krummenacher. Apparently, they also plan on "strip[ping] naked and lead a conga line up to the top of Bernal Hill to perform a resurrection ritual for the owls who died up there a couple years ago." So...yeah. And there will be much needed soapboxing about keeping rent control in SF. We think. Anyway, Check it out.

6 p.m. // Red Hill Books (401 Cortland)

MUSIC: On his MySpace page, Tim Fite claims to be "alternative / country / hip hop," but he's neither. Or he's all. See, what he is is funny. He's like musical comedy, minus any Broadwayishness. SFBG describes him as "TV on the Radio's Tunde Adibimpe jamming with Tom Waits at a hip-hop open mic night." Crazy.

8 p.m. // Rickshaw Stop (155 Fell) // $15