Ok, let's see. You all have a little less than an hour or so to fake early symptoms of bubonic plague, whopping cough, or fibromyalgia. See, start now so when you call in sick tomorrow or on Thursday, your story will sound seamless to your boss. What are we talking about? Why, we're talking about playing hooking and hitting the beach. Because it's hot. Damn hot.

See, over the next few days, the Bay Area will experience some God-awful, vile, and disgusting unseasonably warm weather. (Really, Thursday?) And since most of you are in California, you're pretty much obligated to hit the sands, timecards and business meetings be damned.

71Miles' John Vlahides, thank God, has info on which Bay Area beaches are best for frolicking this week. He has word on California’s only state-sanctioned nude beach, the best places for barbecuing (excuse me, foodies -- grilling), an area of San Francisco's infamous Baker Beach where you can tan nude (but "pack a slingshot to ward off the slack-jawed boys spying from the cliff tops," he recommends), SFist favorite Montara State Beach (tide pools!!!), and detailed info on the many sections of shore up and down the Bay Area's coast.

For more information on cooling off techniques this week, and for the entire summer for that matter, visit 71Miles here.