...and not the good kind. According to SFist James, power is out in parts of SOMA now (poor Western SOMA!) He report that:

The scene at Harrison and 8th, one block from my house. It is chaos everywhere. DPT showed up quickly at all key intersections, especially this one with the 9th St. freeway exit. Heading another block to see how far this extends.

So far, no signs of looting, raping, and mass hysteria. Yet. And if your power is out in SOMA, let us know (via text or your laptop, of course) of your whereabouts.

Update: Hole in the Wall seems to have power, but its surrounding buildings do not. That is because the homosexuals have made pacts with the devil AND PG&E. Har.

Update II: Power was restored at around 7 p.m., at least according to this very official PG&E notice.