For instance, did you know that maybe, probably, most likely, it seems that the next president, whomever it may be will be "gentler on pot clubs"? And, that eliminating a pot farm found in Big Basin Redwoods State Park will spare wildlife most certainly from death by marijuana plant? We sure didn't.

We here at SFist would never randomly talk about pot for the sake of cheap click-throughs and ratings galore. We're aghast you'd even suggest it. We're probably just cranky about Los Angeles got those automatic weed machines before we did.

Also, when looking for pictures, we came across the logo at left. Is this an actual political party? Why aren't they campaigning in San Francisco? pot articles: C (the research on the presidential article was pretty good, we have to admit) for mentioning said articles: C- (we can't knock someone down a peg without taking ourselves with them)

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