Hackers aren't just money-grubbing and annoying. They're also just plain funny evil. Take, for example, the hackers who recently loaded the Epilepsy Foundation's Web site with hundreds of pictures and links to with rapidly flashing images. The images, it seems, "triggered severe migraines and near-seizure reactions in some site visitors who viewed the images," according to AP.

How mean.

The inundation of flashing images occurred when hackers noticed "a security hole in the foundation's publishing software" and went to town. Folks with photosensitive epilepsy, you see, can have seizures after being exposed to flickering images.

The site is now heavily monitored by a moderator, so don't even think about it. And to check out what one of these flashing images looks like, follow the jump. If you don't want to watching a seizing-inducing image, then don't.

Thanks, Alissa, for sending this our way.