SFist Wendy thinks actor Rodrigo Santoro is cute!

If you see Not by Chance with several friends, like we did, it is very likely that everyone is going to walk away with a very different take on the film. Maybe that’s in part because some of us are more smitten with Rodrigo Santoro than others (you may remember him from 300, Love Actually, Carandiru, and even several episodes of Lost, among others).

The film, set in Sao Paulo, is Philippe Barcinksi’s debut feature. If you don’t go expecting to see another City of God or Amores Perros (or even Favela Rising or Twelve Labors from past festivals), you’re much less likely to be disappointed. A couple of our friends were disappointed by what they felt was a sluggish pace, and commented that they thought Not by Chance could have been condensed into about 30 minutes tops, but we didn’t really agree. Did we mention Santoro is hot?

Wendy and Rodrigo, sittin' in a tree -- after the jump!

SFist Wendy, contributing.