In addition to National Step-Kick-Step-Kick-Pivot-Step-Walk-Walk-Walk Day happening on Friday, tomorrow is also National Day of Silence, a day bringing attention to all of the anti-queer name-calling, bullying, and crap-kicking that takes place throughout schools across the world. (Remember when 15-year-old Lawrence King was shot and killed in a Fresno an Oxnard classroom earlier this year? By a guy he asked to be his Valentine? During our post-Queer Eye era?) Usually, this means college kids shut up for an entire day in honor of bent rights. (This should be a weekly event is you ask us. [rim shot].) But seeing as how this isn't a visual day--and if nothing, the gays enjoy anything bright and sparkly--San Francisco high school counselor Ian Enriquez is asking people to sport various shades of pink tomorrow during DoS.

And a few local notables are following suit. According to the , homosexuals Carole Migden, Bevan Dufty, Mark Leno, and Tommy Ammiano will wear pink. ("I try to wear pink everyday anyway. Sometimes, you can't see where I'm wearing it," he tells the BAR. And for reals? Ammiano pulls off some crazy-ass color combinations. If you ride the Mission 14 in the morning, you know exactly what we're talking about.)

But what about Mayor Gavin Newsom?

Alex Randolph, [Mayor Gavin] Newsom’s liaison to the LGBT community and District 8, said he’ll wear pink Friday and is encouraging others at City Hall to join him. He said Newsom supports the idea behind Enriquez’s efforts, but he isn’t sure if the mayor will be wearing pink.

If we had to guess, we'd put our money on Newsom's areolas being a light shade of pink. He's good as far as we know. As for SF progressives? Well, being queer hasn't been hip in eons, so it's safe to say they'll stick to their self-consciously clumsy browns, grays, and forest greens.

Bay Area Reporter