Please welcome Joe K (AKA DJTennessee) who has made the leap from commenter to contributor. He'll be writing about sporting events that many of you seem to enjoy. Yay, Joe K!

What's more, please welcome his new bi-weekly sports brief. It's like Day Around the Bay, but with ball throwing, defensive tackles, using last names, home runs, less homosexuality, and gruff stuff like that there.

  • Alex Smith turns up drunk, tonguing females on gossip photo site. Keeling still in denial. [TheDirty]
  • The Onion mocks The Giants, who then in reality win five of their next seven games. [The Onion]
  • Post-partum depression at Golden State of Mind. [GSoM]
  • Supposedly there’s still pro hockey. [SharksPage]

(By Joe. K)