In case you don't know, today is Earth Day. (Please go stick a sapling in the ground, or whatever.) And more than any other day, really, today is San Francisco's day to bask in its green, self-righteous, CO2-reducing glory.

Or is it?

LA Times scribe Margot Roosevelt threw down the gauntlet today when she asked, which city is greener? According to Nancy Sutley, Los Angeles' deputy mayor for energy and environment, we just don't compare to So Cal when it comes to who's verdigris is bigger.

Nancy Sutley, L.A.'s deputy mayor for energy and environment, acknowledged that her city is moving more cautiously, but noted the "sheer scale" of its construction activity compared with its Northern California rival. "We think of San Francisco as a boutique city," she said.

A boutique city? Bitch, what?

But our very own Jared Blumenthal, director of SF's Department of the Environment, steps in to delivers the a verbal slap to Sutley's obvious hysterics.