Pedaling to the train station this morning, we noticed a few fluorescent additions to the asphalt: bright stencils of monstrous creatures calling attention to the various pits and potholes of Townsend Street. We would have snapped our own picture of the menacing neon jaws and claws, but because we were booted from the 8:44 bike car twice last week, we preferred not to dawdle. There are more pictures on Flickr and video on NBC11's website (warning: mandatory Al Pacino preview may be off-putting).

It was, of course, the work of the Bike Coalition: 50 or so volunteers met near City Hall on Saturday and spread out across the city looking for dangerous divots. Our Dolores Park correspondent reported seeing random pedestrians holding up automobile traffic at the intersection of 18th and Church, so that SFBC volunteers could safely stencil. There's nothing like a little sanctioned graffiti to bring out pedestrian-cyclist solidarity!

We have only two questions:
1. Who is the artist who made those stencils? Those are some excellent monster fingers.
2. Why is there graffiti all over everything EXCEPT the road surface itself and also cars? If we were taggers, we definitely would not be able to resist a shiny automobile.

photo by Kate McCarthy