Our friends over at Eater SF pointed out this item in the New York Times: an article pointing out several of the ways in which San Francisco is making an impact on our everyday lives, from the plastic bag ban to fines for businesses who leave their lights on overnight.

The laws -- both proposed and passed -- that are highlighted in the article point out the possibility that San Franciscans are being overlegislated to the extreme. Sure, these laws are meant to improve the quality of life and make sure San Francisco is uber-green, but when is it too much?

Eater created the helpful list below of the instances NYT cites as SF government overlegislation. What do you think? Are we being "overlegislated"?

  • Business owners must offer health care, typically a rarity in the restaurant industry except for managers, to all employees.

  • Employers must offer 9 days sick leave to all employees.

  • Chain restaurants must post nutritional information for all menu items.

  • Minimum wage is $9.36, more than $3.50 above the federal rate, and will increase next year.