Paul Dhaliwal--Christmastime tiger attack victim, and currently in the process of trying to sue the city of San Francisco over said attack--might be looking at some time in the clink. After Dhaliwal went on a shoplifting spree last month, which included the brazen act of stuffing of two Wii controllers down his pants, San Leandro cops are recommend seven felony charges be handed down to him. According to the San Leandro police spokesman Lt. Tom Overton (via the San Jose Mercury News):

Dhaliwal was arrested shortly after 6:30 p.m. on March 27 after a security guard at the Target store at the Bayfair Center at 15555 East 14th St. in San Leandro observed him stuffing items inside his pants...Dhaliwal walked past all the store registers, never attempted to pay for the concealed items and walked outside of the store, where Target security stopped him and put him under citizen's arrest.

Clearly this is a cry for help stemming from the "emotional attacks" caused by Sam Singer.

Anyway, Overton goes on to say that the police believe Dhaliwal went on a three-day shoplifting spree at other Target stores. Police recommend grand theft charges since the "estimated total loss is more than $1,000."